13 April Fool’s Pranks That Won’t Hurt Anyone But Are Still Hilarious

April Fool’s Day inevitably brings out the inner imp in all of us. Unfortunately, that imp can occasionally get us into hot water with our friends and family members when our excellent pranks end up pissing people off. So, this April Fool’s Day, why not try some pranks that are actually harmless and hilarious?

These simple and clever goofs are guaranteed to embarrass and entertain your friends — without, you know, causing irreparable damage or bodily harm:

13. Replace the framed photos in your family’s house and see if they notice.

The more random/bizarre the photos, the better — obviously.

12. Tape a sneaky surprise photo in the copier at work, so that every copied document will potentially have Nicholas Cage’s creepy eyes peering out from behind it.

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Honestly, this may actually serve to make corporate memos more interesting.

11. Take a (clean) empty jar of mayo and fill it with vanilla pudding.


People will see you eating from a giant jar of mayonnaise and probably vomit in their mouths a little bit.

10. Replace the autocorrect shortcuts on someone’s phone.


If it helps you to get out of doing the dishes, so much the better!

9. Place a box of perfectly normal donuts in the breakroom with a sign that says “Happy April Fools Day!”

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People will drive themselves crazy trying to figure out what you did to the perfectly innocuous box of donuts.

8. If you have enough cardboard and paint, transform your roommate’s bedroom into a closet.

Great Harmless Prank

This takes a significant amount of prep work, but the results are well worth the effort.

7. Send people texts to make them think they accidentally subscribed to something.

I just started a harmless prank on my Dad and Cousin enjoy

6. Print out this “voice-activated” notice and place it next to the printer at work.


Duping your coworkers into inadvertently yelling at technology? Priceless.

5. Just put googly-eyes on everything.


Honestly, this is just more of a delightful lifestyle choice than a prank, but it’s guaranteed to make people laugh.

4. Place a sticky note over your coworker’s mouse sensor.


They’ll be calling IT within five minutes.

3. Download this GIF and text it to people so that it will look like you’re constantly typing a text that never comes.

Truly evil.

2. Photoshop a broken screen and use it to replace the background on a computer, phone or TV.

My uncle is out of town for a month and just got a new TV. Perfect opportunity for a little photoshop prank. He bought it. from funny

1. Place a semi-discreet note on someone’s car before they pull out of the garage in the morning.

My sister’s April Fools’ prank on her husband. from funny

I can’t imagine a worse punishment than having to pretend like you know someone when you’ve never seen them before in your life. Well-played.