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8 Painfully Honest Comics That Show The Harsh Realities Of Being A Brand New Mom

Not sure if you've ever heard this before, but raising a kid can be pretty tough. And beginner's luck generally doesn't apply to your first kid, something that My Tired Mommy comics' Shlomit Sauer has distilled into eight tiny expressions of overwhelmedness and ire.

Practiced parents will recognize much in this, and new parents… probably won't have time to read it.

Either way, these are super accurate.

The longing for parental community.

Your priorities and your partnership sure do change after the baby arrives.

And when the partner takes off for whatever reason, it sure can feel isolating. 

Tragically, your boobs can dramatically change during these trying times. 

Heck, pretty much everything changes. 

It's tough times for the both of you, and it's important to pick up on the little cues – because a little cue might be all your partner is capable of lobbing over to you.

But it can be pretty tough to accept help. 

Just remember – every tool has multiple uses. Good luck, new mom. 

They grow up so fast… we have to hope so sometimes, anyway.

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Written by Chet Dawson

Reformed ruffian.