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A Man In Prison For Fatal ‘Swatting’ Incident Gets Access To Twitter—And Threatens To Do It Again

In December 2017, Tyler Barriss was arrested for causing the death of a gamer in Wichita, Kansas. Barriss "SWATted" the young man, an illegal prank sometimes found in extremely competitive video game circles where an individual will call 911 and report a hostage situation (or other high-level crime) at another gamers location. Though he's now behind bars, Barriss caused a commotion on Friday, April 6, when he somehow gained access to Twitter and threatened to SWAT someone else.

On December 28, 2017, Barriss caused the death of 28-year-old Andrew Finch, who he SWATed from his home in LA. Police swarmed Finch's home. When the gamer, who wasn't even involved in the conflict which caused the SWATing, stepped out onto the front porch to see what the commotion is, a police officer gunned him down, ending his life.

Barriss doesn't seem to have any regrets over the incident, however.

It turns out Barriss gained access to Twitter not because he is an "eGod," but due to a glitch that affected prison computers nationwide. Prisoners are allowed access to computers to access their finances, buy items from the jail commissary, and send emails. Normally, the computers deny access to any other sites, but a software upgrade allowed users to roam the whole internet for several hours that Friday night.

Barriss was charged with "involuntary manslaughter, giving false alarm, and interfering with law enforcement."  He was arrested on December 29, but didn't take responsibility for the death he caused, tweeting he "didn't do sh**."

Barriss had actually been SWATed himself several days before his arrest.

SWATing is an example of the gaming community's most toxic side, and it puts real people's lives in danger. One might hope other gamers learn from this incident, even if Barriss does not.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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