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A Massive QAnon Hive Known For Spreading A Political Pedophilia Conspiracy Theory Finally Sees Consequences

The QAnon movement all started with one unfounded 4chan post by a user going by “Q.”

According to QAnon rhetoric, there is a powerful “global network of baby eating demonic pedophiles” that Donald Trump is trying to save the world from. Trump is secretly working hand-in-hand with Robert Mueller to accomplish this nearly-impossible task.

Why is it nearly impossible?

Because that “global network” is allegedly made up of some of the most elite members of society. QAnon believers purport the network is made up of the very wealthy and very famous, so they are particularly hard to prosecute.

But Donald Trump will save the day.

As the movement grew from just as few conspiracy theorists on 4chan, things started to get out of hand. QAnon conspiracy theorists began showing up at Trump rallies, spread the rumor that John McCain was assassinated and frequently select a target and “dox” them.

Doxxing is the release of personal/private information to the internet in order to encourage people to harass the person.

Eventually, Reddit was forced to step in and shut down a subreddit created as a gathering place for QAnon believers—since almost no one uses 4chan because of who is on it. The Subreddit—called r/GreatAwakening—got removed for “inciting violence, harassment, and the dissemination of personal information.”

Users who tried to visit the subreddit were greeted with the following message: 

Reddit Screenshot

There was a backup page called r/The_GreatAwakening, but that was also booted.

Reddit also took out other QAnon subreddits like /biblicalQ and /Qincels. But QAnon subreddits aren’t the only ones finding themselves shut down.

Reddit also took down several pages that supported a popular white supremacist, alt-right comedy group. The removal of a large number of pages popular with QAnon believers failed to go over well with them.

Here’s a censored screenshot of one of their reactions. It was censored for language. Obviously. 


Twitter and Reddit are honestly pretty excited to see the hate speech and doxxing pages go. 

While some may cite the 1st Amendment—like other purveyors of hate speech and calls for violence that got banned from private platforms—Reddit cited their user terms of service agreement as the reason for the bans.

The subReddits all had multiple clear violations of the sites terms of service.

H/T: NYMag, Twitter, Buzzfeed


Written by Erica Diaz

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