A Serial Killer Drew Haunting Portraits Of His Victims From Memory, And The FBI Is Hoping People Can Help Identify Them

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Samuel Little is an American serial killer, currently detained in Los Angeles County prison. He has been cooperating with authorities in determining the identities of his victims, but now the FBI is asking for help.

Little has drawn portraits of 16 of his unidentified victims. The portraits have been recreated from memory and depict the women he murdered.

On Tuesday, the FBI released the images to the public, hoping to attain clues that can lead to their identification.

Source: FBI

People were creeped out at how well he remembered each of these faces.

Little has been linked to over 30 murder cases so far, though he claims the total might be as high as 90. The discrepancy is due to several factors.

As the portraits show, Little remembers the faces of these women in detail. However, the date and times of his murders can be off by years.

Additionally, these were women society did not treat very well. They were prostitutes, drug addicts, or trans women, all shunned by society. Because people didn’t care about them, they drew little notice when they disappeared.

The portraits have been described as haunting.

Source: FBI

Little was arrested in 2012 after DNA testing linked him to the murder of Carol Elford. Elford was murdered in 1987. From here, Little was linked to several more murders that took place in the 1980s. Guadalupe Abodaca and Audrey Nelson, along with Carol Elford, were confirmed to be his victims.

Little was found guilty in September of 2014, and at the time, maintained he was innocent. He was sentenced to life without parole.

Then, beginning in May 2018, Little started cooperating with investigators. He provided details about his killings and offered to draw portraits of his victims.

Since then, they have been able to link him to 34 murders. The 78-year-old serial murderer has claimed he’s killed 90 women.

Bobby Bland, the Ector County District Attorney says,

“By the time we are done, we anticipate that Samuel Little will be confirmed as one of the most prolific serial killers in American history.”

As part of his testimony, he was convicted for the murder of Denise Christine Brothers In December of 2018. Brothers had been murdered in 1994. Little was also indicted around the same time for the murder of Linda Sue Boards in 1981.

Since the creation of the portraits, Investigators have been able to link three of them to cases in Maryland, Arkansas and Mississippi. However, they have yet to link them to names for the victims.

If you have any information on these victims, you can contact the FBI through its website, or call at 1.800.634.4097.

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