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A Story About A Trio Of Bald Eagles Raising A Baby Together Is Going Viral For The Best Reason

Bald Eagles
Getty Images // @JamesKosur/Twitter

A bald eagle trio is raising their babies together, according to a report from The Dodo, which explains that two male bald eagles “have been spotted helping a female bald eagle keep the eggs in the nest warm.”

Bald eagle pairs are naturally monogamous, so this setup is rather unusual.

But it exists, and the happy family is going viral for the best reason possible.

Editor James Kosur––you might know him as the driving force behind Hill Reporter and as a former editor for Business Insider––shared the story to his Twitter feed and delivered a pointed message to conservative advocates of “traditional” marriage.

He wrote:

“Hey Conservatives: 2 male Bald Eagles & 1 female Bald Eagle are raising babies together, & have been for years. Next time you want to attack someone in a “non-traditional” marriage/partnership, remember – THE SYMBOL OF AMERICA is sometimes Polyamorous.”

Among the loudest conservative voices condemning “untraditional” family dynamics are those on the Family Research Council, headed by the socially conservative Tony Perkins, who enjoys a close relationship with the Trump administration. But that is just one group of several, and the story of these bald eagles living their best lives is further affirmation that such familial setups are not “untraditional” at all. They’re as natural as can be.

Many concurred with Kosur’s sentiments.

The trio of bald eagles has been together since 2017, but this isn’t the first time the two males, Valor 1 and Valor 2, have opted to help raise eaglets.