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A Woman Held A Funeral For Her Youth On Her Birthday, And People Were Not Okay With It

Your thirtieth birthday is not exactly the death of your youth.

Eva Perón died at age 33 and I think we would all agree that she wasn't exactly the cryptkeeper when she passed away.

However, Mila Blatova from Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, decided to make us all very very upset when she held an entire funeral for her 'youth' on her 30th birthday.

"My idea came from not wanting to leave my 20’s and acknowledge that I’m now ‘old,’ Mila told UNILAD. “It was meant to be a funny way of accepting a new chapter in my life, the extreme drama in my photo was me channeling Kris Jenner in a meme I saw of her.”

“I was looking for a dark twist on being boujee and super dramatic on my birthday.”

Meanwhile, everybody who was born before 1988 was decidedly pretty annoyed with this choice.

Though we're sort of living that the entire idea was inspired by Kris Jenner:

Mila isn't truly celebrating her death, though.  Her vows for her thirties are to "[have] new adventures, traveling, taking care of [her] two little boys, and whatever else [her] life brings [her].”

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Written by Mike Walsh

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