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Customer Loses It In Racist Rant After Seeing Spanish Words On *SHOCKER* A Mexican Restaurant’s Menu

A customer went on a racist tirade in a Mexican restaurant in Anaheim, California.

A security camera at a Palapas Tacos restaurant caught the man yelling at the staff, at one point, threatening to call the immigration authorities.

If you’re wondering what set him off… it was the menu.

In case you weren’t aware, restaurants that serve Mexican food tend to have Spanish words on their menus. Oh, you knew that? And it makes sense to you?

It didn’t to this man, as the video below shows:

“That’s bullsh*t! It says it in Mexican,” he yells at one point. “I’m an American, I don’t do Spanish. Go get a hamburger. Go get a hot dog.”

The unidentified man quickly became a social media pariah, and #AnaheimRacist began to trend.

“This customer, I found out, he was not understanding the special being Friday instead of Monday,” said Juan Del Rio, the owner of Palapas Tacos:

“Everyday we get customers [who] sometimes don’t understand the specials, but we explain them. But this guy was completely mad, upset.”

“I just feel like it’s sad that there’s people [who] actually that think like that, that they own this country,” del Rio added. “I don’t know. But over a taco?”

Yes, over a taco.

Talk about entitlement.