Donald Trump Jr. Just Killed The Word ‘Lit’ With His Dumb As Hell Tweet

Yesterday’s news that Justice Anthony Kennedy would be retiring from the Supreme Court was a staggering and unwelcome blow for anyone who dreads the thought of Donald Trump choosing the next Supreme Court nominee. (Which, at this point, should basically be anyone who cares for women’s rights and gay rights.)

With Justice Kennedy gone, a new appointee would give conservatives a majority in the Supreme Court — and considering the stranglehold that the GOP seems to have on our current government, this is a deeply distressing development.

While Twitter was sitting in shock, mouths agape, Donald Trump Jr. posted a predictably trite and obnoxious celebratory tweet.

While this tweet is further confirmation of Don Jr.’s role as America’s Worst Large Adult Son, it also did something far more disturbing: it officially killed “lit,” the slang term which, if we’re being honest, was already on its deathbed.

Twitter declared that the word “lit” finally died with Don Jr.’s tweet.

Everyone mourned — but also, everyone seethed.

Thanks, Don Jr. for proving once again that every time you take to Twitter, a little piece of our collective soul dies.

If you’re feeling sad about the state of the world, though, then please allow this tweet from Rep. John Lewis to remind you that Twitter can actually be used for words of encouragement, and not simply for spouting clouds of noxious gas. (Take note, Trumps.)