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Student’s Description Of Life In The Era Of School Shootings Is Devastatingly Eye-Opening

Data journalist Sophie Warnes discovered a Tumblr post from an anonymous student who provided a description of life in the era of school shootings. It’s simultaneously poignant and unsettling.

“Like a laser tag place opened geared toward teenagers and it got no business,” said the student in response to a question asking high school students to share if they deal with survivor’s guilt about mass shootings even if they didn’t take place at their schools.

The student describes how getting a laser pointed at you sends you into a panic, how “everyone cries during drills,” and how students become used to analyzing their surroundings for viable hiding places and escape routes.

The story prompted others to share how gun violence has shaped their lives and experiences.


Others shared their criticisms for American inaction in the face of the gun violence epidemic.

According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, there have been 11 mass shootings since April 2, resulting in six deaths and more than 20 injuries across several different states, including Kentucky, Georgia and Indiana.