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That Creepy Sex Island Deal With ‘Unlimited Escorts’ Is Back For Another Pricey Event At A Secret Location

Sex Island
Sex Island/YouTube

Sex Island and its “unlimited escorts” are back, and if you don’t know what that is, then where were you last year?

You might recall the following video, which served as an advertisement an event where $6,000 lands you “unlimited sex” with 100 women in an “alcohol and marijuana-friendly’ environment.”

If you’re wondering when Sex Island is coming to a town near you, then just know that if you’re somewhere on or near the West Coast, you’ll have a simple enough time traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, where the event will take place in a currently undisclosed location.

Want a ticket?

Pay up quickly, because there are only 50 spots on Sex Island, whose organizers promise is totally worth the hefty price tag:

“There’ll be 100 girls available for you. All of our girls are tested and free of any sexual diseases. We have a strict condom policy. At any moment you can switch girls with the other 50 guests.”

And if you’re worried if all of this is above board, then fear not:

“All the girls who join, participate at their own free will and are above the ages of 18 years old. The safety of our girls and clients is one of our highest priorities.”

Hey, do what you want. It’s your money. We just think Sex Island’s official Twitter account is hilarious because it sounds like it’s run by a teenager from the American Pie franchise.

You can do BAD THINGS with girls on Sex Island!

You can make PORN(!!) with all the BAD GIRLS on Sex Island!

The girls all want SEX on Sex Island!

And believe it or not, you can actually have ANAL SEX (and more) on Sex Island!

Sex Island previously popped up in the Caribbean and the Las Vegas event is set to take place between July 4 and July 7. It also has a strict condom policy.

The event, organized by Good Girls Company, is also offering activities including horseback riding and casino tours and a poker tournament.

If you’re wondering what the winner gets and haven’t figured out by now that it’ll be an “epic sexual surprise,” then we feel sorry for you. (And you should please come back and try again.)

No photos are allowed, to protect the identities of participants.

Hey, it’s a free country. And what better place to hold an event like this than Vegas? We reckon anyone who goes to this event will feel right at home.