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Trevor Noah Slams Trump Administration ‘Bullies’ Over Their Alleged Treatment Of Whistleblower With Dwarfism

Tricia Newbold, the White House security specialist who revealed to Congress that the White House ignored recommendations from her and her colleagues not to approve security clearances for over 25 officials, says that she felt “humiliated” after one of her superiors retaliated by placing files on a shelf beyond her reach after she complained.

“It was definitely humiliating,” said Newbold, who has a rare form of dwarfism. “… But it didn’t stop me from doing what was right.”

In came comedian and The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, who slammed Trump administration “bullies” over their alleged treatment of Newbold.

Noah called out the “middle school bullies” who were put in charge of America’s government.

“If they’re going to use who she is against her, she’s gotta fight fire with fire,” Noah said. “Maybe she should put Trump’s files somewhere he can’t reach, like his toes.”

Many others also came to Newbold’s defense.

That wasn’t the end of Noah’s criticisms, by the way.

He also commented on the Trump administration’s record of carelessness with national security after Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) criticized presidential adviser Jared Kushner, who, it’s been revealed, communicated with world leaders via WhatsApp:

“Well, look at that, the Trump administration being careless with national secrets. When I heard this story first, I thought it’s actually great that everyone in the White House is getting a security clearance,” so they can know if Trump is just making stuff up, he said. “Because Trump might say he got his intel from the CIA, but it could also be from a random tweet. He’d just be like, ‘I’ve got top secret information that AOC stands for America On Cocaine — that’s her plan, folks…

Trump and his people haven’t been serious about national security from the beginning, right? Trump makes phone calls on an unsecured line. He’s the same guy who told the Russians Israeli secrets that compromised anti-terror efforts. … But overriding security clearances might be the worst transgression yet — which is probably why Trump lied about doing it.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has also commented on the issue of security clearances at a “We the People” summit in Washington:

Every single day that goes by, we see a new form of the risks posed to our country by a corrupt administration. We woke up this morning to find out that at least 25 people in this administration had been denied security clearances.

Why? Because they had ties to foreign governments, they had conflicts of interests. Because they had financial problems that made them vulnerable…

The Trump administration is a walking, talking, living, breathing threat to national security, and we just have to call it out.

Indeed. Bravo, Tricia Newbold. We’re certain there are others out there like you.