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Woman Almost Dies From Oral Sex-Induced Stroke

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Well, here’s something you don’t hear every day…

According to a new report from the British Medical Journal, a 44-year-old woman suffered a “transient loss of consciousness (TLOC),” and was unconscious for two to three minutes after receiving oral sex from her partner. Her partner took her to the emergency room at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London for observation and treatment.

BMJ’s abstract reads:

“Transient loss of consciousness (TLOC) is a common presentation to the emergency department and has a multitude of causes from benign to potentially fatal. We describe the case of a young female presenting with TLOC during sexual activity that was subsequently diagnosed with subarachnoid haemorrhage.

“She had normal neurology and only moderate headache. She was subsequently transferred to a neurosurgical unit and underwent endovascular coiling of a small anterior communicating artery aneurysm. She was discharged 15 days later without sequelae.”

The woman told doctors she had a headache that she described as a six out of 10 on the pain scale; her partner said her body gone stiff during their sex session. Doctors determined that the woman passed out due to a sudden lack of blood supply to the brain, also known as a reflex-mediated syncope.

A CT scan and followed by a CT angiography showed that the woman had a bulge in the artery (anterior communicating artery aneurysm). The aneurysm caused the woman to have a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is a kind of stroke.

“Activities that involve sudden increases in blood pressure and sexual activity is well described as a precipitant,” the team wrote in the case report. “Studies with intra-arterial monitoring during coitus demonstrate that during sexual activity blood pressure, as well as heart rate, is very labile, with particular rises during orgasm.”

.The story inspired a significant amount of jokes online.

This is the sort of story that would spark that sort of conversation, but it’s worth highlighting this valuable Twitter thread from Chronic Sex, an organization founded by activist Kirstie Schultz that works to address the bias surrounding sex and ability.

Learn the signs, people. And be a bit kinder.

The woman who suffered the stroke is, thankfully, fine. The medical team treated her with a procedure called endovascular coiling, “which uses a catheter to transmit a tiny coil to seal off the aneurysm from blood flow,” according to The Huffington Post.

Close call!