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Woman Goes On Bizarre Rant In Walmart Parking Lot About How She Can’t Be Racist Because Her Nephew Is Part ‘Aloha’

Karla V Aceituna/Facebook

Here’s something that could only happen in a Walmart parking lot.

In a video first posted by Facebook user Karla Aceituno—who says it was filmed by a friend’s husband—a woman can be seen and heard speaking on her phone to the police.

The woman claims that the man filming her is an “illegal” who “came out of the bushes” and is “trying to take pictures” of her.

She also asserts that he is not an electrical worker despite being told by a bystander that he is, in fact, an electrical worker. The woman doubles down, however, saying that the man “looks illegal from Mexico” and is “speaking broken English.”

Things get weird when the woman is called out for being racist, though.

“My dad is black, don’t call me a racist, as*hole,” the woman tells the bystander.

“My dad is f*cking black.”

In the video’s weirdest moment, the woman claims that her “little nephew” is “Italian, Mexican and ‘aloha,'” which we can only assume is racist for Hawaiian.

The woman—thanks to social media continuing the tradition of branding racists like BBQ Becky and Dog Park Debbie—has been dubbed Walmart Wendy.

Who knew “Aloha” could be a race or an ethnicity‽‽


Sounds about right.

These racists, man…

What is UP with them‽

Bystanders need to speak out. Bravo to the man in the car for calling out this woman on her BS.

Until then, and we hope this settles the matter, “Aloha” is not a race or ethnicity, unless you happen to be Emma Stone and you’re starring in a painfully misguided Cameron Crowe film.