People Online Are Emotional Over The Conversation This Writer Had With A Room Full Of 4th Graders

Speaking in front of any room full of people can be terrifying and nerve-wracking for anyone.
So, when writer Slade Sohmer was asked by his mother to speak to her 4th-grade class about writing, he was obviously nervous. But, in the end, it turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences he’d had in a while.

This is Slade.


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His story will warm your heart, I promise:

Slade was asked to come to his mother’s 4th-grade classroom in honor of Teacher’s Appreciation Week and Mother’s Day.


Obviously, any 4th-grader is excited when a new person comes in to speak to them.

He took the time out to get to know them and ask about their likes/dislikes.

Of course, 4th-grade minds are curious.

Then, they began to ask him some personal questions.

Slade happens to be gay and lives with his boyfriend, but he was unsure whether or not he should tell the 4th-grade students. He decided honesty is the best policy and went for it.

Surprisingly (but not so surprisingly) the kids weren’t awe-struck, rude, or judgemental.

Slade told BuzzFeed: 

“It’s not like I ~misjudged~ these kids or had any preconceived notions.  just don’t know what today’s fourth graders know about love and sexuality and gender and all its modern permutations. I’m glad it went down the way it did, but it’s not like I expected them to throw tomatoes at me after the big reveal.”

And, the rest of the day was rather touching, as well.

Obviously, no one expected the kids to react poorly, however, many times parents instill their own biases and beliefs onto their kids, which can, in turn, create a negative bias for young kids. He said:

One other takeaway: This isn’t about indoctrination or pushing an agenda, that was a simple answer to a simple question, and it’s a great reminder that homophobia is passed-down learned behavior. I’m thankful that these kids hadn’t learned it. They couldn’t have cared less about who I choose to live my life with.”

People on Twitter were incredibly moved and touched by this story, showing that kids are blank slates–full of understanding and free of judgment.



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