Baltimore Ravens Reporter For USA Today’s Racist And Homophobic Tweets Surface

Yet another string of homophobic, racist tweets have surfaced this week. This time, they are from a reporter for USA Today.

Lindsey Ok covers the Baltimore Ravens for Ravens Wire, a branch of the extensive USA Today network. She has recently gone viral and sparked some serious controversy online.

But not because of her professional sports coverage. The attention is for things she said online that mocked Asians and gay men and for using the n-word.

Ok referred to the initials of the National Football League (NFL) as standing for “N*ggas Fa Life” in one tweet.

Deleted Twitter post from @lindseyyok


In case anyone forgot, Ok covers professional football, the NFL, for a living.

These other tweets, featuring a homophobic slur and mocking Asians, have since been deleted by Lindsey Ok as well:

Deleted Twitter post from @lindseyyok

Help me there’s Asians everywhere

— lindsey ok (@lindseyyok) September 22, 2011

Deleted Twitter post from @lindseyyok

We have a gay flight attendant in first class who told us he only likes his vodka on the rocks and he might shake us around a bit. Great

— lindsey ok (@lindseyyok) May 14, 2010

Deleted Twitter post from @lindseyyok
Deleted Twitter post from @lindseyyok

This isn’t the first time someone involved with the NFL has fallen into hot water for racist tweets.

In 2013, Buffalo Bills Quarterback Joshua Allen said in a tweet:

“If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.”

Allen was in high school when this tweet happened. It had no affect on his pro football career.

People are saying that the same will happen to Ok.

But Twitter doesn’t believe she deserves to keep her position at USA Today after this:

People were disgusted:

Ok issued an apology earlier this month. She claimed that what she said was taken out of context, and, as with all such apologies, doesn’t reflect who she is.

She also insisted that yes, she was young, and dumb, but certainly not racist, or homophobic despite making racist and homophobic tweets.

Odds are, she won’t lose her job over this – which is a shame. At the very least, she has been exposed for the homophobic, racist reporter she is, and that reputation should follow her.

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