Heinz Is Officially Releasing ‘Mayochup’ In Stores—But A Contest Will Determine Who Gets It First

Back in April, Heinz asked people if they’d be interested in a pre-packaged combination of Mayonaise and Ketchup, or “Mayochup.”

Americans said YES and Heinz is delivering:

Condiments aren’t often a controversial topic but mayo and ketchup is an exception.

The combination has some people disgusted:

Others are more open to the concept:

And some are flat-out excited for Mayochup:

Regardless of how you feel about the fusion, it is happening. Heinz has worked on the product and is releasing it in stores soon.

Heinz Director of Marketing Nicole Kulwicki called the sauce a “no-brainer” after seeing the enthusiasm:

After seeing the unprecedented passion surrounding this product, including the nearly one million votes on social media and 500,000 votes in favor of bringing it stateside, launching Mayochup in the U.S. was a no-brainer.

Heinz held a contest in which they asked fans to vote using #MayochupTHEIRCITY to be the first to have the tangy sauce on store shelves.

The three finalists were the most popular cities during the first poll: Brooklyn, Chicago, and Culver City. Voters still had the option to write in their own city in the final poll.

What does the winning city receive? There will be a Mayochup Food Truck serving up the saucy sauce and fries. Or you can taste the sauce alone.

Heinz might be excited about this new launch but there is nothing new about mixing mayonnaise and ketchup. Puerto Rican, South American, and Central American households have considered the fusion condiment to be a staple for a long time now.

Samantha Schmidt explained how these cultures use the sauce:

Sometimes adding a touch of garlic or adobo seasoning, Puerto Ricans smother it on just about anything fried: mofongo and tostones — both made with fried plantains — yuca, french fries, and more.

In fact, there is a pre-packaged sauce similar to the one Heinz is releasing.

Puerto Ricans have been, and probably will be, loyal to this sauce for years:

Utah also claims the sauce has been a part of their lifestyle waaaaaaay before the condiment giant ever came into the picture.

Locals call it Fry Sauce:

Heinz is open to both names, spreading the love and, of course, spreading the sauce.

Fry sauce, Mayochup, mayo ketchup — call it whatever you want.

Mayochup is set to hit stores sometime this month.

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