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Ohio Woman Goes On Racist Bus Rant As Passengers Beg Her To Stop And Fear For Their Safety

A white woman harassed a group of passengers on a bus in Ohio, unleashing a longwinded, ignorant, and racist rant.

This is the latest in a recent pattern of racial profiling and racist tirades, including a white man who hurled racial slurs at a Mexican man in the aftermath of a car accident. Then there was a DMV employee who made a comment on social media, saying that to save some tax dollars, Mexicans should be shot dead at the border. And let’s not forget the now-infamous “Permit Patty” who called the police on an 8-year-old for selling water.

And now this.

In the video, the woman asked about the passengers having their “mother**king papers” to be in this country:

I hope you all got your mother**king papers. I’m sick of you motherf**kers. You got papers to be in this country?

She can also be heard shouting “n****r” and, in a different video, she shouted, “Go back to your f**king country.”

One man at whom she directed her tirade asked if she could “please stop” but, as one might expect, that request made her even more enraged:

First off all, in this country, we have what’s called the First Amendment Right. OK, which means I can say whatever the f**k I want. OK?

Zoe Mac posted the original video on Facebook, and once the woman realized she was being recorded, she knocked the phone out of her hand. At that point, everyone on the bus was terrified. Passengers shouted “do not hit anybody” and another person said off-camera:

Grab your mother. That is your mother, Please grab her.

This string of racist attacks is frightening and dangerous:

The bus driver eventually phoned the police and reported the woman, who was soon arrested. Apparently, this wasn’t her first encounter with the Orangetown Police Department. She was reprimanded for the “same type of conduct” earlier that afternoon.

Because she was charged with violations, the woman remains unnamed.

Some are saying the driver should have taken action much sooner:

Executive Ed Day of Rockland County said the following about the incident:

The type of behaviour displayed by this irate passenger is inexcusable.

I applaud the bus driver, passengers and responding law enforcement for handling this situation as calmly as they did. Rockland County will not tolerate these types of divisions any longer.

Beyond the strict non-tolerance of such behaviors, the spokesman said:

We all have much more in common than any superficial differences that appear to divide us.

Mac, who posted the video, said the following on her post that has since gone viral:

“Racism never died and this is what people like me…go through”

People are throwing the rant right back at the racist because this isn’t her country either:

Some are dying to see the arrest video:

When will this end?

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