White Man Caught On Video Hurling Racial Slurs At Mexican Man In Fresno Parking Lot After Traffic Accident

Earlier this week, a video recording of an accident in Fresno, California, spread like wildfire but not for the reasons one might think.

One of the two men involved in the incident began yelling racially-charged insults at the other man. Jose, the victim of the racist rant, began recording seconds before the tirade, as he felt threatened.

The video captured the white man screaming at Jose and making comments about calling the police before saying into his phone:

It’s a stupid (expletive) Mexican. They don’t know how to drive anyway.

Jose was taken aback and asked the man if he was racist, which was clearly a rhetorical question. The man responded with the following:

I’m a racist because of your stupid (expletive) ass.

Jose doesn’t use social media so his wife, Abbie Sanders, shared the video on Facebook. She claimed that the incident began when the white man accused Jose of backing into his car in a parking lot in Fresno.

Sanders also mentioned that the delivery truck Jose was driving has cameras, and once the truck comes in contact with something, it makes a sudden stop. According to him, those cameras never turned on, and there was a notable gap between the two vehicles.

The racist man told Jose:

I oughta ship your ass back home, wherever you’re from.

Jose said he was an American citizen, to which the racist responded:

You ain’t no American…you’re a beaner.

The blatant racism angered people but, considering the current political climate, it surprised no one.

And many were embarrassed and ashamed of the current state of our country.

Twitter sleuths soon identified the white man as Dan Kuehne, CEO at RV’S-4-LESS.

People are now boycotting the business and demanding that he be fired.

Kuehne apologized on social media after the video went viral. He said:

I want to apologize for my actions, and specifically for my choice of words that stem from the traffic incident on Wednesday. I let my emotions get the better of me. There’s no excuse for that.

People are pointing out that his behavior wasn’t about emotions.

Jose was delivering restaurant supplies at the time, and his business has supported and defended him.

But his wife explained that he has been upset and ashamed:

It was absolutely heartbreaking for my husband. He was walking with his head down. He said the guy made him feel like a cockroach.

He continues to be an upstanding citizen and valued member of his community, while Kuehne has been exposed as the despicable, bigoted racist he truly is.

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Written by Alex Maxx

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