An Intimate Marilyn Manson Toy Is Now On Sale And It’s As Terrifying As You Would Expect

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Have you ever been dying to get your hands on a Marilyn Manson branded dildo?



Well, for the one person who might’ve answered yes…

…your dreams have been answered. The spooky artist shared the good news on Instagram with his fans and followers.

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I guess this is…Halloween. #dickortreat

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2018 is strange.

Yes, the 8″ tall, 1.5″ silicone signature dildo is imprinted with Manson’s face, and it is, well, terrifying. Those who spend the $125 on this eclectic collectors item can store it in the luxurious, black velvet carrying pouch—ensuring it remains in good condition.

Although, the online description does warn that it “may fade with multiple uses” so, erm, I guess bare that in mind.

Anyone else uncomfortable?

Manson announced the launch of the sex toy on his official online store earlier this past week, with the equally troubling caption:

“I guess this is…Halloween. #dickortreat”

Manson gained a ton of fame as a goth rock artist in the 90s. Some of his most popular albums were Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals, and on top of his music, people couldn’t shake his controversial, twisted public persona.

Heaven Upside Down is his tenth studio and most recent album, released in October 2017.

He is a man of many faces, being a singer and musician, a composer, a music journalist, an actor, a painter, and an author…and now, one of those faces is on a dildo.


Of course, people think the x-rated merchandise is hilarious:

Some are even adding it to their wish lists.

Interesting item to ask Santa for this Christmas. Maybe a request to Satan would get a better response.

Perhaps this should be one of those “self-gifting” presents that, erm, no one else has to know about. Ever.

Others are (understandably) scared and disturbed.

I mean, at least to some degree, who isn’t?

Perhaps this would be a good time for some to go to church and cleanse?

That, or find a way to destroy the internet. Whichever one works for you.

Manson has always called himself the self-proclaimed “God of Fuck” so I guess this is him, ensuring he lives up to his name.

You can purchase the dildo here on his website, along with posters, tees, and more.

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