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Owner Of Original ‘Annabelle’ Doll Shares Update After Rumor Spreads That She Escaped From Occult Museum

If you’ve ever seen one of the Annabelle movies, you know why the titular doll, Annabelle, is bad news.

You can watch one of the trailers here:

The films take a bit of creative license with Annabelle’s appearance.

The real doll is a Raggedy Ann cloth doll.

When rumors hit Twitter on Friday night that the doll had “escaped” from her holding place in the Warrens’ Occult museum, people went wild with memes.

Someone even made a Twitter account for the doll to document her macabre escapades across the world.

The rumors that Annabelle had left her enclosure in the Connecticut museum began in the middle of the night on Friday, August 14, when someone edited the Wikipedia article noting as much.

Immediately people began saying that Annabelle escaping was not part of their “2020 Bingo Card” and that her escaping was “pure 2020.”

However, thankfully, this rumor was just a rumor.

In order to quell the story that Annabelle had somehow escaped, museum owner Tony Spera filmed himself in front of the haunted Raggedy Ann doll.

Spera stated:

“Remember, I have high-tech security here.”

“If she had left the museum I’d have instantly known if something happened or somebody broke in.”

“I have good alarm systems here and the police are good to respond. They respond within a couple of minutes, maybe, if that.”

Though Spera clearly enjoyed the social media frenzy that followed Annabelle, he did make us all feel a little safer in our beds, knowing that at least 2020 hasn’t reached paranormal levels of out-of-control.

Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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