Anti-Vaxxer Parents Flip Off Doctors For Quarantining Their Son To Protect Other Patients

Ah, the stunning hypocrisy of the anti-vaxx parent who brings their kid to the hospital, then gets mad when doctors try to protect the other patients. A lot of anti-vaxxers pick and choose what they think of as legitimate health precautions, largely based on misinformation they’ve received online or in church groups or their many years of homeschooling. This is a story about two parents who decided their son didn’t need vaccines but definitely needed emergency medical attention.

A screenshot was shared by u/captaintfd to the subreddit r/Trashy, probably because these parents are trashy as hell. The image is of the two parents (faces obscured) flipping off the camera in gloves and hospital gowns. The caption reads:

“We had to come to the ER after an emergency with my son falling at the playground. We were questioned about our vaccine choices, then it was brought up 3 times on how we should give him a tetanus shot and then 6 hours into our visit we were ‘isolated’ in a room with gowns and gloves so we don’t ‘infect’ any of the immunocompromised patients.  our response. Our bub is ok, had a little surgery and he is on the mend.”

They then added prayer hands “for a great recovery.”


The post is titled, “I’m ready to f**king fight” which is appropriate because everyone seems ready to fight these jerks for flipping off the doctors trying to protect everyone at the hospital.

Anti-vaxxers living somewhere off in the woods, avoiding humanity, might be relatively safe. But when you come to a literal hospital full of sick people when you’re not vaccinated, you’re endangering yourself and others who are in a vulnerable state. Honestly, if you think the doctors are so stupid and wrong, perform the surgery yourself!

Just kidding. The kid doesn’t deserve that. The parents need surgery of some kind to let blood flow back into their brains.

A commenter named MaybeItsNotTooLate wrote that their mother is anti-vaxx, though it’s unclear if they developed that perspective later in life or not. But they said their mom doesn’t really have an answer for when it’s time to trust doctors and why:

Its interesting, really. My mother is anti vax and I’ve asked her what would you do if your child broke a limb? She responded hospital visit. I asked her what about infection, her response was how serious and if it’s a really bad one hospital but if not then vitamins and oils. I asked how would she know if it’s serious since she’s just a elementary school drop out with no education or medical knowledge, she got mad and said the AMA is all a bunch of liars and just trying to poison everyone. I asked her why seek medical attention at all I you think they want to poison us, she just got more mad and didn’t really have a answer.

As someone who grew up with religious idiots who are also anti vax I can say it’s mainly due to poor education and being passed down through generations and church. They’re stupid so they double down and get mad if you point out logical fallacies or show them facts, then they turn into massive conspiracy theorists talking about the medical association are all liars and trying to give us cancer and control the population but they don’t think people who tell others to use bleach enemas or Jilly juice are trying to harm others because they have “science” and “facts” backing up their “protocols”. It’s insanity

It doesn’t seem possible to reason with anti-vaxxers, but something we should all know is to be polite to the people who know how to administer life-saving medicine. You never know when you’ll run out of essential oil.