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Guy Refuses To Apologize To His Roommate’s Girlfriend After She Barged In On Him Naked In His Room

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Redditor throwaway_19987 is a 21-year-old male who has a 20-year-old male roommate.

The two live may live together, but that does not necessarily mean they are tight.

Due to an incident involving the roommate’s girlfriend, the Original Poster’s (OP) living situation just got more awkward.

The OP visited the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for not apologising to my roommate’s girlfriend because she saw me naked?”

The OP explained:

“Basically this. My roommate and I aren’t close friends but we live together because it’s convenient for both of us.”

“He has a new girlfriend and lately she’s been staying over a lot.”

“Our apartment has two bathrooms, I’m saying this because it’s relevant later, one is in my room and the other one is in the hall. I use the one in my bedroom and he uses the other one.”

“Yesterday, I was just out of the shower and walking around in my room naked, trying to find clothes and other stuff cause I’m messy, when his girlfriend barges into my room without even knocking.”

“I do generally lock my room, but it’s never been a big deal because my roommate never comes in w/o knocking. Also, I did not know this girl was in the house. I’d have made sure to lock the door then. Obviously she went like wtf and ran out.”

“Then she was very cross with me, and seemed to think that I owed her an apology because she saw me naked and it made her very uncomfortable. I was nope, you walked into my room w/o knocking, what you see or didn’t see after that is NOT my fault. At all.”

“Her explanation was that the other bathroom was busy and she just wanted to use the one in my bedroom.”

“She’s involved roommate into this and he too thinks that I should apologise because I shouldn’t have been walking around in my room naked without locking the door first. I’ve refused to apologise.”


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Redditors thought the OP was NTA and he was the one who deserved an apology.

“NTA – she owes you an apology for barging into your room without knocking. You’re the one was exposed against your will.” – Cerisebrindille

The OP responded:

“I know, right? Her seeing me naked made me uncomfortable too. I told them this and somehow, using some twisted logic, they arrived at the conclusion that her discomfort >> my discomfort.”

Redditors continued to confirm the OP does not owe the girlfriend an apology.

“Her discomfort came from her choice. Your discomfort came from her choice. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, this is all about her making the wrong choice and wanting to make you somehow responsible. She’s a tool, you’re NTA.” – FeuerroteZora

“there is absolutely no way her discomfort was bigger. someone you don’t even know like that literally opened the door of your room, barged in when you were bare naked. she violated your consent and privacy several times in the space of seconds.”

“she most definitely owes you an apology, one for not having manners, two for coming into your room without knocking, three for doing it while you were naked, and roommate too for being a dumba** and not telling his girlfriend to take a damn hint. NTA.” – redeadbitch

“Here’s an ‘apology’ for her, ‘I’m sorry that you could not respect basic common curtesy and decided to barge in on me while I was changing. I’m sorry that I was unaware that my bedroom was a public place. I am sorry that you feel discomfort for invading my privacy and how horrible that must have been for you. I am sorry that I did not consent to that and you feel bad. Imagine if the roles would have been reversed.'”

“Because I’m all about malicious compliance.” – ViralLola

“Tell them you will apologize if they agree that if you walk into their bedroom while they are having sex, they need to apologize to you.”

“Then ask them when they plan to get it on so that you can add it to your schedule. Video camera optional, of course.” – rusty0123

“The logic from her is that she is the most important person in the house, and everyone should go out of their way to make sure that she is never inconvenienced in the slightest, OP probably should have checked with her before using his own bathroom just on the off chance that she might have to pee while her BF is using the other bathroom.”

“The logic from the roommate is that his GF is hot, and if he doesn’t agree with her she will stop sleeping with him, and he will have to deal with a bunch of passive aggressive comments about how he isn’t a real man if he won’t stand up for her.” – ghozztz

“And also, what tf kind of entitlement makes her think it’s ok to use OP’s en-suite? If a roommates SO came in my room FOR ANY REASON I would consider that a MASSIVE invasion of my privacy.”

“Bedrooms are NOT part of the shared accommodations, and should NEVER be entered without express permission. Full stop!” – lmdelint

Overall, Redditors agreed the girlfriend was the a**hole for having the audacity to demand an apology from the roommate, even though he was the one who was inconvenienced.

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