Man With Last Name ‘Assman’ Is Denied A Personalized Vanity Plate For His Truck, So He Gets Creative

David Assman/Facebook

A Saskatchewan man was recently denied a personalized license plate because the requested phrase was deemed an “unacceptable slogan”.

However, all the man asked for was his own last name on the plate.

David Assman is from Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada. He was recently denied a vanity plate by the Saskatchewan Government Insurance, who manages vehicle registration’s in the province.

Assman, pronounced Oss-men, was asking for his surname on the plate, but authorities felt the plate was inappropriate.

The truck owner felt that their decision was unfair.

“It’s just a name, and censorship should be out of the window.”

He proceeded to appeal their denial. SGI denied his appeal on the same day.

So, Assman decided to take matters into his own hands and personalize his vehicle regardless of their lack of approval.

As you can see, David proceeded to have an image of the wanted license plate plastered on the back of his truck.

The image is an exact replica of the standard Saskatchewan license plate.

The internet has Assman’s back on this one.

Most states in the USA and most provinces in Canada allow vanity plates, but most prohibit anything that might be deemed obscene. Assman’s name may mean some of them need to reevaluate their decision process.


Written by B Miller

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