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Astronomers Have Discovered A Real-Life Planet That Is Basically Spock’s Home Planet Of Vulcan ?

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Star Trek fans got the thrill of a lifetime recently when scientists discovered an exoplanet in the exact location of the fictional planet Vulcan, home of the legendary and iconic Mr. Spock, everyone’s favorite half-human/half-Vulcan Star Trek character.

At some point, in the more recent decades of the sci-fi franchise’s more than 50-year run, the creators of Star Trek began associating the fictional planet Vulcan with a real star called 40 Eridani A (also known as HD 26965), some 16 light-years away. And that’s where scientists discovered this new planet with the help of the Dharma Planet Survey (DPS), which is designed to hunt down relatively small planets around relatively bright stars, according to Live Science.

The findings, which were the first “super-Earth” discovery made by DPS, and which uses a very high-resolution optical spectrograph, will be published next month in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Twitter users had very Spockian reactions:

Some were in a state of disbelief:

Spock’s nephew wasn’t surprised:

The name of the newly discovered planet was of utmost concern:

If only:

Alas, neither Leonard Nimoy, who first portrayed the beloved character, nor series creator  Gene Roddenberry are still with us to offer their thoughts on the discovery.

Let’s just hope scientists don’t discover the equivalent of real-life Klingons next.

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