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Audi Pulls Bizarre Ad Featuring Little Girl Eating A Banana In Front Of A Sports Car After Backlash

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Car commercials are always fairly out there.  Sometimes, you’re like, “Am I watching a car commercial right now or have I crossed into the twilight zone??”

But Audi took the trope of the strange car commercial  just a step too far from strange to completely inappropriate when they featured an online print ad with a small child wearing a leopard print dress, leaning on the grill of an Audi, and eating a banana.

The caption read “Lets your heart beat faster- in every aspect.”

Among the criticism levied at the ad, hyper-sexuality of a toddler and also safety: if a driver were to start that car and move forward, how would they see the child before hitting her?

Folks were immediately critical online:

Audi, in response, released a series of tweets to quell the backlash:

But the fact that this advertisement was allowed to exist in the first place is drawing further criticism:

Volkswagen, Audi’s parent company, has also come under fire this year for featuring an advertisement that appeared to show a man making a “white power” gesture.  The ad was released and retracted at the end of May.

translation: A small girl with a phallic symbol in her hand….clear.  Super.

Hopefully Audi sincerely reviews its advertising practices after this.

Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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