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  • Passenger Reportedly Fought 21-Year-Old Driver For Steering Wheel Before Fatally Hitting Girl Scouts And Mom

    We’re following a horrific and heartbreaking story out of Wisconsin, where a 21-year-old driver killed half a troop of Girl Scouts, including a mother, while driving under the influence of chemicals. Jayna Kelley, 9, Autumn Helgeson, 10, Haylee Hickle, 10, and Haylee’s mother, 32-year-old Sara Jo Schneider lost their lives on Saturday. Another 10-year-old girl was […] More

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    Vandals Who Were Caught On Camera Smashing Little Boys’ Pumpkins Have Been Identified

    A pumpkin smashing fraternity member in Kansas was recently caught vandalizing a Halloween display made by children. Looks like the Grinch switched holidays! His act of destruction was recorded on the family’s doorstep camera. Now the children’s father is demanding an apology. Those poor pumpkins. RIP. University of Kansas at Lawrence #KU #Jayhawks continues to […] More

  • Couple’s Wedding Photoshoot Pretending To Be Kidnapped In The Congo Sparks Backlash

    We’re following reaction to a cringe-worthy photo shoot of a married couple who pretended to be kidnapped in The Congo for laughs. And the story gets way, way worse. Humiliating and shaming idiotic racists is the internet’s favorite pastime, and the gleeful newlyweds in the photos definitely got an earful earlier this week. First, let’s check […] More

  • Tim McGraw Has Fans Concerned After Deleting All Of His Instagram Posts And Tweets

    When a celebrity deletes their Instagram posts, it’s typically not a good sign. It could be in response to a nasty controversy or public shaming. But occasionally, artists will clear their profile in preparation for a new album or project. Country-singer Tim McGraw did just that last Friday, leaving fans confused and concerned. The following […] More

  • Tragedy Strikes Family When Little Boy Dies Trying To Rescue Brothers From Their Burning House

    We’re following a tragic story of heroism and loss out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Early last week, a 12-year-old boy named Adrian Cross died in a house fire after attempting to rescue his siblings. Horribly, Adrian’s siblings were already safe outside, but he was unable to escape the blaze. A 12-year-old boy is dead after a house fire on […] More

  • First Case Of Rat Disease Discovered In A Human Causes Alarm Among Medical Experts

    Here’s some disturbing news: a case of rat hepatitis E has been discovered in a 56-year-old man living in Hong Kong. Researchers from the University of Hong Kong discovered the sickness, despite being unaware it was even possible for a human to contract hepatitis from a rat. A man in Hong Kong has been found to […] More

  • Six Flags Will Pay You $300 To Lock Yourself In A Coffin—And Where Do We Sign Up? ?

    Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri is promoting a spooky “30-Hour Coffin Challenge” next month with a $300 prize for any wannabe Dracula who’d like to spend 30 hours locked in a coffin. There are a few rules to this creepy contest. Contestants are provided with food, access to their cellphone and a charger, and […] More

  • Flights May Become A Lot More Comfortable If New Legislation Passes Congress

    Stop the presses! Congress is boldly attempting to do something useful for once. Lawmakers are considering legislation that would require the Federal Aviation Administration to set minimum standards for seat width and legroom, as reported by the New York Times over the weekend. “Relief could soon be on the way for weary airline passengers facing smaller and […] More