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    Trump Dragged For Retweeting Meme Implying Jesus Loves Him More Than Obama

    Donald Trump’s base is largely composed of evangelical Christians and other people who don’t believe in vaccines. He’s gotten a lot of traction by hitting out against abortion and making a big show of mentioning God at every public event and rally he throws for himself. But recently, Trump took a hit when one of […] More

  • Con “Victim” Drives Scammer Up The Wall, Trolls Them After Being “Offered” $150,000

    People love watching scammers get scammed because even if you’ve never been successfully ripped off my predatory Facebook creeps, you’ve definitely been annoyed by them. Robo-calls, spam email, random messaging on every social media platform. Get out of my life, scammers! I have things to do! That’s probably why this conversation posted to Imgur by […] More

  • Kate Beckinsale Shamed For Bikini Photos, Writes Enlightened Letter On Female Solidarity

    Kate Beckinsale looks like she is having a phenomenal time in Mexico. So, it makes complete sense that some folks are angry that the 46-year-old is wearing a bathing suit at the beach. View this post on Instagram ❤️☀️🍣 A post shared by Kate Beckinsale (@katebeckinsale) on Dec 1, 2019 at 12:54pm PST Because once […] More

  • Paul Bois tweet about a gender inclusive gingerbread sweater at Target

    Conservatives Upset Over Target’s “Gender Inclusive” Gingerbread Cookie Sweater

    This week in the ongoing War on Christmas and/or gender, reporter and self-described “Resident Catholic Monarchist of The Daily Wire” Paul Bois felt very attacked by an ugly Christmas sweater sold at Target. The item was originally described as a “Gender Inclusive Gingerbread Long Sleeve Sweater,” which prompted Bois to leap to the defense of […] More

  • Woman Faces Backlash For Having Stopped Wearing Hijab In End Of Decade Photo

    With the decade wrapping up, people are reflecting on where they were ten years ago, and even who they were. You change a lot in a decade and it can feel like an entirely different person stepped into 2010 than who will be stepping into 2020. All this reflection combined with a love of taking […] More

  • Of Course Republicans Are Angry Greta Thunberg Is TIME’S Person Of The Year

    On Wednesday, teen climate activist Greta Thunberg was named TIME Person of the Year for 2019. The annual distinction is at times seen as an award, but not all the “people of the year” are necessarily positive contributors to society. More often the choice reflects the amount of influence a person or the movement surrounding […] More

  • Millennial Gets Unhinged Reply After “Ok Boomer”-ing A Climate Change Denier

    Reporter Jackson Ryan writes a lot about climate devastation. This has made him something of a target for people whose minds can’t wrap around the science, which seems to frequently line up with older generations who don’t want to admit any culpability in how their actions might have hurt the planet. It’s not too late, […] More

  • sephora introvert shopping basket

    People Are Applauding This Sephora’s Special Shopping Baskets For Introvert Customers

    Enjoying shopping in stores relies on liking a lot of non-shopping things, like crowds, loud music, and being repeatedly approached by strangers who ask you invasive questions. You can always tell when it’s company policy to be as aggressive with shoppers as possible because you won’t be able to walk two feet in a store […] More

  • Elijah Daniel's tweet about white YouTubers finding out their 23andMe results

    Twitter Is Cringing At These White YouTubers Complaining About Their 23andMe Results

    Twitter is having a cringe party today after comedian Elijah Daniel tweeted a video of a white YouTuber who was less than pleased about her 23andMe DNA test results. The woman, who is noticeably pale, dressed in all white on a white couch against a white wall, apparently thought she has some “Asian” heritage and […] More

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