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  • 20 Of The Funniest Responses To Trump’s State Of The Union Address

    Trump’s second State of the Union address was tonight and it started with a familiar feeling: Aren’t we all?— jeremy scahill (@jeremyscahill) February 6, 2019 Female Democratic lawmakers dressed in white to honor the suffragette movement that gave women the right to vote: Pretty powerful image of all the Democratic women in Congress wearing […] More

  • 25 Times Millennials Ruined 2018 For Everyone

    Every year, millennials kill an unprecedented number of…things. Millennials have become the infamous scapegoat for every dying industry, from breastaraunts to mayonnaise napkins. The reasons for their many massacres are multiple: they have the money, but would prefer to spend it on avocado toast rather than Applebee’s. They are entitled, expecting high-paying jobs without putting […] More

  • Tweets That Made LGBT People Crack Up In 2018

    Twitter has been hailed as a progressive, unifying force for the LGBTQ cause. Certainly, the platform has been condemned as one that emboldens homophobes and haters; but it has also given voice to dozens of LGBTQ activists—an absolute necessity in these troubled times. But besides spreading the queer gospel far and wide, allowing the gays […] More

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    Here Are The Sickest Burns On Trump And His Cronies You Might Have Missed

    It isn’t difficult to dunk on Donald Trump, his entire administration, and the media pundits who carry all of the aforementioned on their weary backs. After all, every new day brings with it an outrageous misstep, rude comment, or easily-refuted lie. As a result, it’s easy to miss many of the dumbest things said—and the […] More