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  • These ‘Deepest, Darkest Family Secrets’ From Twitter Could Totally Have Their Own Netflix Series

    On Thursday morning, Twitter user Jessi (@lovelyjessij) posed a bona fide pandora’s box of a question on her account. The self-proclaimed “feminist, dork, and lush” asked, “What’s the deep dark family secret that you learned as an adult?” Jessi led with her own family secret, which included a sociopath grandfather. She wasn’t the only one […] More

  • Born Between 1977-1985? You’re Not A ‘Millennial’, You’re An ‘Xennial’

    Millennials get a bad rap for being entitled, lazy, immature, obsessed with selfies and social media, and so on. They’re associated with the rise of the internet and smartphones and resulting cultural outcroppings of these technological advancements. But generational distinctions are imprecise and subject to debate, and what we typically consider to be Millennials actually […] More

  • This Girl’s Mugshot Is So Flawless, Twitter Is Demanding A Makeup Tutorial

    19-year-old Marshala Perkins had at least a little bit of luck on her side when she was arrested last February: her makeup looked BANGIN. The Texas A&M University-Commerce student is a self-taught makeup artist who told As/Is that she learned off YouTube. “When I was younger my parents were really strict so I spent a lot of […] More

  • 29 Spelling Errors That Are Pretty Much Perfect The Way They Are

    Ever since I switched from writing on paper to typing on a computer, I’ve gotten worse at spelling. It’s the ubiquitous spellcheck that does me in – it’s on my phone, my word processor, even my internet searches get automatically corrected or checked for spelling. If I never need to pay attention to spelling why […] More

  • 30 Pictures That’ll Make You Smile So Wide, Your Face Might Hurt

    We’re all a little grouchy these days. Sometimes it just feels like life is moving too fast, like we don’t have enough brain space to deal with it all. And when you try to sit down and relax, boom – now you’ve been scrolling on Twitter for an hour and a half. But Twitter can put you […] More

  • 15 Tumblr Posts For Anyone Who’s A Little Over The Patriarchy

    Ladies, this list is for you. And only for you. Read on and I bet you’re gonna shake your head in agreement at these 15 posts by women on Tumblr. 1. Photo Credit: Tumblr 2. Photo Credit: Tumblr 3. Photo Credit: Tumblr 4. Photo Credit: Tumblr 5. Photo Credit: Tumblr 6. Photo Credit: Tumblr 7. […] More

  • 25 Of The Most Viral Photos From The Month Of July

    July ain’t over yet, but a bunch of pretty rad and funny stuff has already happened. That’s important to note, especially at a time when the country seems to be crashing and burning at catastrophic speed. Here are 25 of the most blessed images July had to offer us: 25. This satisfying text exchange: 24. […] More

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