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Arizona ‘Karen’ On A Mission To Stop Neighbors From Smoking Medical Marijuana In Their Own Home

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Medical marijuana and the legalization of marijuana as a whole is a feasible reality in the United States depending on the results of the upcoming election. Though not everybody will be happy with that as an outcome.

Take Renee Moore, for instance—an Arizona woman who is on a mission to stop her neighbors smoking their medical marijuana in their own homes.

Moore claims the smoke coming from her neighbors’ home is causing and triggering existing health issues, include her “eyes swelling, burning, my nose burning, throat burning, breathing problems, migraines, just to name a few.”

And though Karen—er—Renee has complained to the property management company and city code enforcement staff, they have told her in no uncertain terms…

“…this odor [from the marijuana] is a result of a condition permitted under state law that allows medical marijuana usage within one’s own property whether you own, rent, or lease.”

“Therefore the City has no authority to hold the card holder accountable in this matter.”

In response, Moore left her apartment and has been advocating against Proposition 207, which would completely legalize possession and use of marijuana in adults aged 21 and older.

Moore says this would essentially be a doomsday scenario.

“If marijuana becomes legal to be recreational, everybody else who doesn’t do that and is afraid of their health and their kids, and pets, they’re going to be affected by it big time.”

The proposition is set to be voted on come election day in Arizona.

It largely involves the personal use of marijuana in one’s own home, which is what Moore has already tried to stop her neighbors from doing.

While there is little to no research done about the effects of secondhand smoke from marijuana, over 2 million people have died due to the effects of secondhand smoke from cigarettes—which are still widely used in public areas.

Will Karen—er—Renee’s argument have a weed stem to stand on?

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