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Bella Thorne Calls Out Paparazzi For Trying To Snap Pictures Of Her Accidental Nip Slip

Former Disney Channel star, Bella Thorne, is all grown up now and now sees herself differently.

The singer/actress recently turned 21.

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Apparently, along with achieving legal drinking age in the States, 21 has also brought Bella a new sense of modesty and value of privacy.

In a recent interview with Vulture’s Charles Bramesco, Bella discussed how she views her body differently.

“I kinda never had a sacred feeling about my body. Things have changed as I’ve gotten older and made mistakes.”

She continued to recount an experience when she wore a see-through top. She chose to wear extra long hair extensions that day to cover her nipples.

However, Ms. Thorne did not take all factors into account.

“All night, I’m feeling good. Nobody’s seen a single boob; my hair’s been doing the job. What I did not think about is going outside, where the wind blows back your hair and the flashbulbs hit, making your see-through-ish shirt look like it’s not even there.”

She finished the interview saying, 

“You give so much of yourself away — because you want to! — but you realize that you have to keep something for yourself. You have to. I guess my body might be one of those things. I think I’m starting to feel that way.”

Thorne is known for being body positive, and this interview did nothing but reinforce her message of loving one’s body and self.

Her story also brought up the important issue of paparazzi and their seeming desire to humiliate celebrities.

Bella Thorne is far from being the only celebrity with frustrating stories about how the paparazzi exploited circumstances.

In fact, celebs are so sick of the paparazzi that one guy even invented a special scarf that acts as an invisibility cloak when photos are taken using a flash.

Many people feel that the paparazzi should have restrictions.

Thorne’s newest movie, I Still See You, debuted in theaters on October 12.

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