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Cat Who Was Discovered With Face Duct Taped Closed Finds Happy Ending

On Tuesday night, Nicole Paling discovered an abandoned cat outside of Every Life Matters Cat Rescue in Burlington, Ontario.

Paling is the founder of the rescue and was not originally planning to stop by that evening. Luckily she did, however, as she discovered a cat who had been left outside of the rescue with three layers of duct tape covering its face.

Nicole was shocked and horrified when she discovered the abused cat and proceeded to call her boyfriend, Brett Norton, to help her save the cat.

Norton arrived shortly and proceeded to cut the tape off of the cat’s face while simultaneously calming both the cat and his girlfriend.

Paling described the horrifying process.

“Her ears were folded as well, so he had to do it millimeter by millimeter at some points because he didn’t want to cut her ears. We couldn’t see where her eyes were. It felt like forever, but it probably wasn’t more than 10 minutes to get it entirely off her face.”

Paling also recorded her boyfriend’s recovery efforts, and the video has since been posted on the Every Life Matters (ELM) Cat Rescue Facebook page.


WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENTHE or SHE IS SAFE! Will update more later!Found in #BurlON near Guelph & Mainway#onlycowardsabuseanimals

Posted by Every Life Matters - ELM Cat Rescue on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

But thanks to Nicole and Brett’s attentive care, the cat survived the atrocious abuse and has been renamed “Lucky”.

Lucky is an approximately 3-year-old tabby and she seems to be healthy aside from a couple of broken teeth.

ELM Cat Rescue posted an update on Lucky on Wednesday.

UPDATE ON “LUCKY”!PLEASE! If anyone was driving or walking on Industrial Street in #BurlON at 7:25 pm last night (Tuesday, October 2, 2018) and witnessed anything at all please contact us on our page or by emailing us at elmcatrescue@gmail.com#fillintheblank

Posted by Every Life Matters - ELM Cat Rescue on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Since Lucky’s story came out, hundreds of people have offered to adopt the sweet cat.

Paling has also reviewed the rescue’s security footage and she believes she has identified the vehicle that dropped off Lucky. Authorities have been notified.

People everywhere are thankful for Nicole and Brett’s compassion.

But mostly, people are heartbroken and disguest by the abuse that Lucky endured.

You can help fight animal cruelty by donating to charities like Best Friends Animal Society.

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