Woman’s Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Robots Killing Scientists In Japan Divides The Internet

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For people who follow conspiracy theories, Linda Moulton Howe might be a familiar name. A graduate from Stanford University, Howe typically focuses on scientific, medicinal, and environmentally-based issues. Her films, such as A Strange HarvestPoison in the Wind, and A Sun Kissed Poison, have earned her numerous awards including regional Emmys.

But Howe has been accused of not being credible and of “sensationalizing everything”.

In February, Howe spoke at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.

A video from her speech recently went viral after it was posted at the beginning of this week.

Howe states:

“At a top robotics company in Japan this week,  four robots being developed for military applications killed 29 humans in the lab.”

“And they did it by shooting what he called metal bullets. I didn’t know there was any other kind.”

Indy100 provided the transcript for the remainder of the speech:

“The scariest part is that lab workers deactivated two of the robots and took apart the third.”

“But the fourth robot began restoring itself, and somehow connected to an orbiting satellite to download information about how it could rebuild itself even more strongly than before.”

“This is serious s*** Linda, but you’re not going to hear about this in the news.”

“The robotics company has too much to lose, and the government wants AI robot soldiers.”

The Tweet has ignited the internet.

Many people feel as though her claims are simply another example of her “sensationalism”.

But others feel as though Howe might be on to something.

Perhaps all of the films were a warning and not just fiction?


Written by B Miller

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