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Customers Outraged After Learning Fake Fur Sold By Retailers Is Actually Real

The Humane Society International (HSI) just called out two online retailers for selling real fur while calling it fake.

A ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) revealed that a “faux fur” pom pom sweater, sold by online retailer Boohoo, actually contained real animal fur.

Similarly, Zacharia Jewellers has been outed by the ASA for selling a genuine fur pom pom headband on Amazon with the label “faux”.

The HSI spotted the Boohoo sweater in September of 2018.

From there, they purchased one of the sweaters and had the materials tested:

“from an independent textiles analysis expert, which was provided to the ASA”.

HSI did the same with Zacharia Jewellers’ headband.

Both items were found to contain real fur, most likely that of a rabbit.

Clair Bass, the executive director of Humane Society International, stated:

“It’s completely unacceptable that compassionate consumers setting out to buy fake fur are being misled into buying animal fur.”

She went on to say that the items were not the only real fur products being sold as fakes.

“These two examples are the latest in a long list of ‘fake faux fur’ items we’ve found for sale, so we hope that the ASA’s rulings will send a strong message to the industry and make retailers work harder to give consumers confidence in avoiding cruel animal fur.”

People are livid at the discovery.

Boohoo and Zacharia Jewellers have both since claimed they did not know their products contained real fur and have pulled the products from their retail sites.


Written by B Miller

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