Father Of Parkland Victim Performs Powerful ‘Stand Up’ Routine To Counter Louis CK’s

Change the Ref (YouTube)

Louis CK doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. Not only is his stand-up filled with racism, transphobia, and victim-blaming, but he also stooped so low as to pick on the Parkland shooting victims.

Recently the comedian, who is clearly floundering to stay relevant, said that the teenagers who survived their school shooting should be more concerned with having sex than pushing for gun control legislation.

These jokes obviously didn’t go over well. Parents of Parkland victims were outraged, and other celebrities dragged Louis CK through the mud for his tasteless “jokes.”

In an attempt to dislodge CK from his seat of privileged apathy, a father of one of the Parkland victims performed his own stand up routine.

The video was performed by Manny Oliver, the father of Joaquin Oliver. Joaquin was one of the 17 children killed last year.

It was produced by

Their mission is to:

“raise awareness about mass shootings through strategic interventions that will reduce the influence of the NRA on the federal level.”

If you didn’t catch it, the rimshot that punctuates one of Oliver’s “jokes” is actually from the video of Joaquin playing the drums and telling jokes.

The well-made video is an incredibly sobering way to drive home the point that not all jokes are OK. If anything, adults in the spotlight should be applauding these teenagers for spending their young lives passionately campaigning for what they believe in.

People are reeling from the tangible pain that Manny is in.

Others are rallying for justice and change alongside Mr. Oliver.

Be sure to speak to your representatives if you support common sense gun laws.


Written by B Miller

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