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Jury Comes To Decision On Mother’s Overtly Sexual Breastfeeding Videos

Leon County Sheriff's Office

*WARNING: This article contains references to the sexual exploitation of a minor.

Leigh Felten spent the last 3 years in jail. But she was acquitted of 33 out of 34 charges earlier this week.

The Florida woman posted sexually explicit videos that included breastfeeding on YouTube. Felten was found guilty of one count of lewd lascivious performance.

The charge is categorized as a second-degree felony. It is defined as “intentional sexual performance in the presence of a child younger than 16.”

The videos featured Felten breastfeeding her at-the-time 18-month-old son as well as sexually explicit content.

Police in Florida arrested Felten in October of 2015. Felten was originally charged with 45 sexual offenses including several counts of capital sexual battery, AKA rape.

She was also charged with promoting a sexual performance by a child, possession of child pornography and lewd and lascivious molestation.

The videos were discovered by a Wisconsin woman. Her husband purchased several of Felten’s videos.

Some of Felten’s videos were titled Good Little Boy and Mommy’s a Whore.

Tallahassee law enforcement was subsequently contacted.

Their police report described one of the videos as:

“…the female rubbing oil on herself and the child. At one point, the female’s vagina and the child’s penis appear to be in contact with one another.”

A lieutenant with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin told Tallahassee law enforcement:

“[The video] was clearly not done for the purpose of education or artistic display.”

“Based on the content, and the fact it is being sold by Felten, it is clear this video is for sexual purposes.”

But according to Felten’s attorney, John Eagen:

“Ms. Felten cannot be prosecuted for anything involving her breastfeeding. Period. Full stop.”

“That means that breastfeeding, no matter how ‘sexy’ or ‘titillating’ the manner in which it is done, can never be deemed to legally constitute ‘an unnatural or lascivious act, sexual conduct or computer pornography’ in the state of Florida.”

Eagen later tried to get the videos dismissed from evidence claiming they were protected by free speech. Judge Angela Dempsey ruled against Eagen and permitted the videos to be used in the case.

Upon Felten’s conviction on only one count, Eagen said:

“I could not be happier, I think the jury did exactly what they were told to do or asked to do and that was to follow the law and apply the law to the facts and thank God they didn’t try this case over morality.”

During the trial, Felten testified that she was suffering from depression after the father of her child left her.

She began making videos as just breastfeeding tutorials. But once she started getting attention from people looking for sexual content, she then changed to more salacious material.

Her son is now in the custody of his father.

Felten is facing up to 15 years in prison. She will be required to register as a sex offender upon her release.

People are largely disgusted by Felten’s choice to use her son in her bid for male attention.

Sentencing will take place sometime in November.

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