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Salt Lake City Man Caught On Video In Violent Homophobic Attack

A young Salt Lake City man by the name of Sal Trejo was enjoying his Sunday night in downtown SLC with his friends when they were assaulted by a homophobic man.

In a video posted by Trejo, the aggressor can be heard asking,

“Are you gay though?”

Seeing as it’s 2019 and homosexuality should not be an issue anymore, Trejo answered truthfully.

“Oh, I am.”

The attacker went on to ask again.

“Oh then you’re gay?”

Before Trejo could confirm his sexuality to the stranger yet again, the perpetrator hit him.

Trejo caught the entire thing on camera.

Trejo also posted a comprehension detailing of what happened that night.

He explains that his attacker was visibly intoxicated, verbally abusive and hostile toward himself and his friends, and even went on to pull out a knife and use homophobic slurs.

He finally ran away and drove off, while visibly intoxicated.

People are infuriated by the young, white man’s actions.

As of this afternoon, Sal posted that the young man has been contacted and that he is “cooperating fully.


Written by B Miller

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