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Teacher Caught On Camera Dragging 9-Year-Old Autistic Boy Down Hallway Now Faces Criminal Charges

Angel Nelson (Facebook)

Angel Nelson is the mother of a 9-year-old boy with autism. She recently learned the horrifying news that one of her son’s teachers dragged him down the school hallway.

The young boy struggles with communication. He cannot speak in full sentences, he has speech delay, and he suffers from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

The incident took place in October at Wurtland Elementary School in Kentucky. The teacher, Trina Abrams, dragged Nelson’s son down multiple hallways by his wrists, resulting in sprains in both wrists.

Not only that, but Nelson stated that after starting school at Wurtland Elementary (which he no longer attends), her son began to regress in his occupational therapy sessions.

After her son told her in his limited speech that Abrams “threw him hard down onto a chair,” Nelson found footage of the horrible incident.

She later posted the footage to Facebook in an effort to draw attention to Abrams’ behavior.

Nelson said:

“She claimed she was preventing him from harming himself but it doesn’t line up with his actions from the video. My son deserves justice. I feel as though Mrs Abrams should be held accountable for her actions” 

Abrams has since been fired and is now facing charges for fourth-degree assault on a victim under 12.

The internet is rallying behind Angel Nelson and her family.

People also brought up the puzzling behavior of the witnesses.

We hope justice will be served.


Written by B Miller

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