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Mystery Surrounds Doorbell Camera Footage Of Toddler Abandoned Outside Home

Thursday morning, a disturbing video was released by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office of Texas. The video showed a home security system capturing footage of a woman abandoning a toddler on a front porch.

The woman can be seen carrying the child by one arm from her car parked on the street. In the video, she is seen running up to the door with the child, putting him down on the porch  and ringing the doorbell repeatedly.

To many people’s horror, the woman does not wait until the door is answered before running back to her car and speeding off.

Luckily, the 2-year-old, who has since been identified as Royal Prince Simmons was unharmed.

The woman from the footage was originally believed to be Royal’s mother. However it has since been learned that she is a friend of the toddler’s mother.

Royal’s biological father lives next door to the home where his son was abandoned.

Royal’s mother has custody and was supposed to drop the child off with his biological father on Wednesday afternoon. But she ended up in the hospital.

It seems the friend was enlisted to drop the child off. But she clearly had the wrong house and did not bother to be sure Royal was safely with his father before leaving.

ABC News Steve Osunsami reported on Thursday that the woman was charged with felony child abandonment.

Osunsami also stated:

“Both parents are furious.”

People are appalled and disgusted by the woman’s behavior.

Watch ABC News report, including the security footage, below.

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