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Waiter Receives Profane, Racist Message On Receipt From Trump Supporter

A Mexican restaurant in Alabama has shut its doors to racist customers after one of their waiters received a hate-filled and racist “tip”.

Charrito’s Bar & Grill in Huntsville, Alabama recently posted a picture on their Facebook page of a receipt left behind by a customer.

Instead of leaving a tip, the customer left a racist message.


Along with a picture of the offensive receipt, Charrito’s clarified who is and is not welcome in their restaurant.

“We are a local family owned and operated business, our employees and most of our customers are like family. They have been with us in the good and in the bad times.”

“We don’t care about your political background, your race or what gender you prefer, ALL ARE WELCOME!!! We treat each customer with respect and we welcome everyone with open arms and a smile.”

They continued to explain that those who exhibit hateful behavior are the exception to their rule of “all are welcome”.

“Last night it was brought to our attention, from another customer, that a customer out of nowhere left this rude and awful message to staff and customers that were sitting in the bar area.”

“We would like to let everyone know that this behavior is not tolerated in our restaurant. Our staff and any customers in our facility require respect.”

“If you do not agree with this please save us the time and hassle and don’t come in. YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED!!”

The restaurant said that the customer’s behavior was nothing out of the ordinary except when he received his bill.

When asked if he wanted to pay with cash or card he replied,

“Do white people ever use cash?”

Clearly that was the beginning of much worse behavior.

People are disgusted by his behavior and rolling their eyes at the hypocrisy of it all.

Others are seeking their own brand of revenge.

Juan Dionicio Molina commented:

  1. “Report to the police so that there’s a report permanently on this sorry excuse of a person.
  2. Identify them so that they’re never welcome in your establishment for obvious reasons. If this is their choice of words, then who knows what’s really deep inside their heart.
  3. Keep up the amazing carne asada, and staffing you guys have. I have changed MANY a friends opinions on going to eat at your establishment for some REAL Mexican food and service as opposed to going across the street to Taco Mama (sorry excuse and over-priced hands down!) for wanna-be Tex-Mex options.”

“Haters gonna hate! Don’t EVER let the racism bog you down! Use it as fuel, and keep at it! ¡Vivan los Latinos! ¡A trabajar más duro!”

Let’s all support businesses that promote kindness!


Written by B Miller

Travel lover, dog Mom, Slytherin, future wifey.