Woman Finds Random Screenplay At A Record Store—And We Have So Many Questions

@karinasoni, @HE_VALENCIA (Twitter)

Karina is a masters student, dancer, sometimes DJ, and employee at All Day Records. While working at the record shop, she stumbled across something strange and unexpected: a screenplay.

She tweeted two pages of the script.

The first seems to set up a romantic relationship between two characters, Molly and Gerald.

The second page takes place a while after the first, and features Molly’s unique preference for engagement tokens.

Karina provided commentary about the subject matter in the script.

She clearly felt the screenplay perpetuates antiquated mindsets regarding women and where they find their value.

Commenters were curious about the script, and offered their own interpretations and opinions.

Some found the story thoroughly entertaining.

And others wanted more than just two pages.

Maybe the writer will step forward and answer everyone’s questions.

H/T: Twitter


Written by B Miller

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