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Woman’s Rant About The Damage Caused By Fake Service Dogs Is A Must-Read

Tumblr user trainingfaith has a very important message for pet owners, specifically those who pose their pets as service animals.

In a five-paragraph Tumblr post, trainingfaith spells out the numerous reasons why fake service animals and sham Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are not only annoying and disrespectful but also harmful to those who require an actual service animal’s assistance.

She goes on to outline the key behavioral differences between trained service animals and the posers. Readers also learn how businesses struggle to know the difference, and people often snub the true working animals because they don’t appear as friendly (they are not to be petted while on duty).

Her criticism ends with:

Fake service dogs create real problems.

Read the full post below.


Tumblr rallied behind trainingfaith to show their agreement, and many fellow users shared their own experiences.

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