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This Colorful Vaping Packaging Certainly Seems To Be Trying To Appeal To Kids


There is a lot of debate around the rise of vaping and e-cigarettes. Vape supporters lift it up as a safer alternative to smoking, with many even using it to help quit, while detractors point out it’s still mostly used for an addictive substance with less research about its effects.

One aspect that is important in this discussion, is the effect that vaping products and advertisements have on kids and teenagers. Much like cigarettes before them, people see the new e-cig trend as a massive campaign to get kids hooked early.

A point against the vaping trend is the packaging.

As pointed out by Reddit user, DarthPhallic, it really looks like they’re trying to get kids vaping.

Decided to try vaping to quit smoking again. I know these companies say they don’t target kids but here I am buying a strawberry candy vape flavor and they actually package it with candy. Maybe I’m just being cynical but I feel like that’s for kids from assholedesign

As pointed out by the poster, while the companies are claiming they aren’t targeting kids, the provided images showed a really bright colored package that wouldn’t be out of place next to actual candy.

Speaking of, the package of e-liquid literally came with candy. It’s not even subtle at this point.

“A lot of the people in the comments are disagreeing, but you’re right. Vaping has gotten a bunch of young people addicted to nicotine who wouldn’t have tried smoking cigarettes. The packaging is not helping.”

“The liquid can also be dangerous for small children, and again, the packaging would definitely fool a kid.”

“Also, good luck on your journey to quit smoking. You won’t regret it.” – RoutineEquipment


“Me: Yeah they do this isht all the time and have more money than anyone willing to chalenge them. And anyone else will be bribed Settling out of court.”

“ALso me: I’m almost 30 and I want candy right now.” – HippieAnalSlut


“i was always skeptical about the whole ‘targeted for kids’ packaging i always heard about on the radio but i never thought they actually do that f***” – lastdetectiveV3


“Most comments here seem defensive or deliberately contrarian, but I completely agree with you. This is packaging designed for children and it’s ridiculous, no matter how benign the companies marketing intentions might be.”

“It’s morally an a**hole design.” – coco-ono

On the other hand, many adults also enjoy the sweet flavors of tangy and sour candies. People who were kids in the ‘90s are adults now and have a strong history with Sour Punch straws or Warheads sour candies.

It’s not hard to see how the nicotine peddlers would push a product that taps into a millennial sense of nostalgia. But whether it was intentional or not, it seems like these companies are getting younger kids hooked too.

Is it their fault?

“Some adults stay kids for longer than they admit. Advertising companies like that.” – jcstrat


“I couldn’t say if this was deliberately designed to appeal to kids. It could just be something they thought looked cool. But they should realise the appeal it may have to children either way and be more responsible.” – i_broke_wahoos_leg


” – be more responsible”

” – Business selling tobacco products”

“There’s a long history of those two lines being parallel in America” – MoreSteakLessFanta


“I think its more of a nostalgia based marketing. The packaging looks very 90s.” – Teddy_Bandana

There is definitely a problem to be addressed. From 2011 to 2017, the percentage of high school students who use vape products rose from 1.5% to 12%.

Then 2017 to 2018, that number jumped to 20%.

Additionally, younger kids are being affected. In the same survey, nearly 5% of middle school students have said they’ve recently used an e-cigarette.

If claims that this packaging and advertisements aren’t targeted toward children are to be believes, then this seems like a real useful coincidence for vaping companies.

Though people do miss this discussion and go off on strange tangents.

“Buy a higher end vape.”

“Plan to taper the nicotine levels over time.”

“I smoked for 17 years over a pack a day. Took me a year on the vape to quit. Been almost 5 years now off cigs and 4 years off the vape. Feels good.” – bNoaht


“Whoever helped him at the vape shop is an idiot. Selling someone 3mg juice that’s trying to quit smoking is just gonna make them think vaping doesn’t work. They should have started him at at least 12 mg, more likely 15 or 18 mg. I went through the same shit, smoked a pack a day for years and then tried vaping and I could hit it all day and not catch a buzz.” – DontTrustMe


“To be fair, electrical plugs look awful appealing to children with forks as well.” – redcodefinal


“You can also get heroin in juvie but nobody is tackling that issue” – macadeliccc

The discussion around vaping is sure to continue. Tactics used against the smoking industry aren’t working, but those kinds of extremes may not be necessary if vaping has less of an effect on health.

Even so, the fact that these addictive products are being marketed in a way that appeals to kids is dangerous. While we’re not sure what we can do, can we at least agree they shouldn’t be pairing vape products with literal candy?


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.