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Days Inn Manager Captured On Camera Hurling Racist Insults At Guest Based On His Appearance


Over the weekend, a video was shared to social media platforms depicting an interaction between a Days Inn manager and a guest.

The video has Joshua October, a rapper, recording his interaction with the manager of the hotel. The older gentleman keeps referring to October as “boy,” insulting his hair and look.

October explains that this incident started when the manager berated him for taking a yogurt from the guest breakfast room. October started recording the interaction sometime after that point.

The video was shared to Reddit’s Public Freakout page where people share these kinds of videos.


“I wonder if the old guy was looking for the camera app the entire time in the beginning” – –cornplantation


“That’s my favorite part.

“Hello, police? Would you look at this chump? He isn’t bothering me; he isn’t anything to me. His hair is a mop.”

hangs up

Dude didn’t even tell the police bye.”



“this dude is straight out 1920s Mississippi.”



The manager responded by getting out his own phone and seemingly recording the incident from his side. He calls October “prison boy” and says his hair looks like a mop.

The manager just keeps laughing at October and using curse words in their interaction. While it’s unknown what happened before the recording, October is very calm and cordial in the video.

The manager is not necessarily threatening, but he is very dismissive, uses curse words to describe a guest, and supposedly tells the police in reference to October,

“He ain’t nothing to me.”

On Twitter, people were calling on Days Inn to take action.

At one point October says the manager is going to lose his job over this incident, and the manager responds,

“I don’t care. You think I’m worried about this job?”

“I ain’t going to lose my job over you.”

Days Inn has responded saying they have fired the manager in the video.

The age of smartphones has helped capture incidents like this. It’s well known for people of color that racism is alive and well in this country, but it often takes a recording like this to get other people to see it.

Earlier this year, a woman hurled racial slurs at a man who dropped his sister off at a crosswalk. She also made the strange claim to have shot Tupac.

A few months before that, a guest at McDonald’s was upset he had to request a straw from the counter and assaulted a worker. The woman fought back so hard she won the internet’s heart.


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.