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Mom Asks For Advice After Banning Her Anti-Vax Friend’s Kid From Hanging Around Her Vaccinated Child

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As the misguided anti-vaccination movement picks up steam, leading to measles outbreaks and tetanus cases, people are trying to keep their kids safe from those they saw as friends.

One mom took to Reddit’s r/AmItheAsshole forum to ask if she did the right thing.

AITA best friends baby isn’t vaccinated from AmItheAsshole

As the post explains, her best friend was planning to come visit from out of state.

The friend’s child is un-vaccinated, while the mom’s child is. However, she panicked, and was unsure about her child playing with the other child.

She asked her friend not to come. The friend is now upset because the ticket was non-refundable.

This seemed like a pretty open and shut case to figure out who the “asshole” is here, with many declaring it not the mom (NTA).


“NTA. Vaccines aren’t always 100% effective. Some times you can still get sick.”



“NTA. Your kid’s safety is your priority.”



“NTA. especially since it sounds like your friend just got the ticket without running it by you first. i wont even go into how much she is the asshole for being anti vaccine.”



“NTA. Vaccines aren’t perfect at preventing all infections so you are right that unvaccinated children present a risk, not just to your child but to you and others.”







However, some asked for some more information.

The mother did admit that this wasn’t a spur of the moment action on the friend’s part. The friend had said they were planning this.

It was only after they bought the ticket that the mom freaked out.


“Did you know she was anti vaxx before she bought the ticket?”



“Yes. I just panicked at the last minute????”



“I was going to say NTA -but I’m going to change it to ESH. You should have addressed this as early as possible, ideally before she bought her ticket. I understand where your concern comes from, so I have tons of sympathy for you. That being said this difficult situation could have been handled better.

I am sorry that you have to deal with this,”



As bad as you can feel for the friend, that doesn’t mean the mom should still let the child visit.


“ESH The parents of the unvac child are terrible, but just let them come over since it seems safe enough.”

– IG_sfrepublicans


“So you think I should still have her over?”



“Nooooooope. Nopenopenopenopenope.”



The mom is trying to figure out if she’s at fault and how to best handle this.

While she should have made her feelings known before her friend bought the ticket, it is important to prevent the spread of disease.

There are many myths about vaccines that lead to people being afraid to get their children and themselves vaccinated.

While the “Vaccines cause autism” myth has been thoroughly debunked, others still cling to the idea that the chemicals in vaccines are dangerous, or the possible side-effects aren’t worth the risk.

Many of the myths have been deconstructed and many books and research encourage parents to look for what’s best for their kids’ immunity systems.

The amount of literature on vaccines shows it is highly effective at preventing some very harmful diseases. Unless you’re immunocompromised, there is no good reason to not get vaccinated.

Still, the mom should at least reimburse the friend the cost of the ticket, since she waited until after the friend bought it to stop them.

And the friend should get their kid vaccinated. This wouldn’t have been an issue to begin with if they already had.


Written by Ben Acosta

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