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Mom Buys Freaky Spider Toy For Son That Runs At You If You Scream—And It’s The Stuff Of Nightmares 😱

What was meant to be an innocent holiday gift has turned into horror as a mother finds her child terrified of a spider toy.

They’re called Yellies. They move faster the louder you are. They are shaped like large spiders.

And you can buy them here.

It’s the perfect (revenge) gift for your sibling or child with small children (or loud dogs) of their own now.

Here’s the mom’s post on Facebook and…

…watch the video here:

Hilary Hard shared her experience with the toy saying:

“Let me share with y’all a massive mom fail I experienced tonight. So about a week ago, I noticed this toy for sale on Amazon.”

The toy fit a special niche market.

“They’re called “Yellies” and the whole concept is that the louder you yell at it, the faster it goes. Being the mother of a naturally loud and boisterous kid, I thought it would be the perfect Christmas present…”

You’d think she’d have figured out this might be a bad idea from the description.

“well I couldn’t wait for Christmas. So I crack it open tonight, and get a good look at it. I test it out. I’m amazed at how powerful the little motor is… how fast the little legs move… how its creepy little eyes glow a lovely shade of radioactive green.”

Again, she had a chance to realize her mistake and return the little bugger.

“So I call Leo in. He looks at it, cocks his little head to the side. And then, obviously, I yelled at it. The spider ran for it. Leo starts screaming… the louder he screams, the faster the spider pursued him. He runs.”

And so it begins.

“And this is when we discovered the fun little feature in which the spider has a tendency to stop abruptly… pause for a couple seconds… spin in several erratic circles… and then turn towards wherever it senses sound… and take off in that direction.”

Oh yes. Not terrifying at all.

“More screaming. Spider runs faster. Leo is backed into a corner as murder glows green in the eyes of little “Skadoodle.” So, in short, maybe a little electronic spider thats power source feeds off of screams of terror… is not the best Christmas gift for your small child.”

So mom looked to the future.

“10 years from now we’ll be discussing this in therapy. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #merrychristmas #ontheseconddayofchristmasmymamagavetome #nightterrorsandalifetimeofanxiety”

The comments were mixed, with many understanding the terror and others laughing about it.


But as the tale of the Yellies grew, more parents discovered the brightly colored, motorized nightmares.

Yellies are made by Hasbro and come in a variety of colors and designs, with more to be released next year.

And if this reaction is any indication, Christmas morning will see many viral videos of children and parents terrified of the little fluffballs.

Check them out here.

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Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.