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Pennsylvania Bar Has Lynching ‘Decoration’ And People Are Disgusted

A disturbing display was set up in a Pennsylvania bar called Kickstand and people are upset.

The ‘Halloween decoration’ depicted a noose with a dark-faced mask attached. It was very reminiscent of a lynching scene.

November 8th, well after Halloween, Twitter user @ashlynbrierre posted a photo of the prop, along with a description of the bar owner’s explanation.

“According to them it represents the devil.”

The description of it being representative of the devil didn’t sit right with Ashlyn who put the bar on blast. She called for people to contact the bar and ask about the lynching decoration.

However, it seems when they called, they were already overwhelmed.

The display being up so long after Halloween makes the explanation suspect as well.

The macabre décor has not gone unnoticed by other patrons either. Jasmine Mull (Bella Baebee on Facebook) posted about it after walking out without paying.


Posted by Bella BaeBee on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

There are not many who can defend such a piece.



The bar owner claimed the mask is supposed to represent the devil. Others have pointed out that it is lacking the horns one normally sees with modern depictions.

Because of all this negative controversy, the owner is considering filing a defamation lawsuit.

Mull is more interested in a direct resolution.

She said:

“I would like them to take it down. I would like an apology. Honestly, I would just like their input on it. Why do they have it there?”

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Written by Ben Acosta

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