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Police Are Searching For The Man Who Attacked A Deli Worker Over A Bacon, Egg, And Cheese Sandwich

In New York police have put out a call to find a many who threatened and attacked a deli worker over his order. The customer exploded in a violent tantrum upon being told it’d be a five minute wait for his sandwich.

The customer wanted to order a breakfast sandwich of cinnamon toasted raisin bagel with bacon egg and cheese. Sanjay Patel, the deli worker informed the customer there were a few orders ahead of him and it’d be five to ten minutes. The man flew into a tantrum and started shouting at the deli worker

The mans anger stuck out to many.

Others questioned his order.

And who would go through this for a bagel? Even a New York bagel?

The customer threw items at Patel, shouting he wanted his order “RIGHT NOW!” The thrown items hit the worker in his head and torso, causing bruises. The injuries were bad enough that Patel was taken to the hospital to be treated.

“When I sleep, nighttime, I still dream it, because he told me, too, ‘I’m going to shoot you,'”

Patel told News 4 New York.

The NYPD has asked anyone who recognizes the man to contact their crime stoppers website.

H/T: NBC New York, Breaking 911


Written by Ben Acosta

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