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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Has Son Taken By Child Protective Services After Her Husband Shoots And Kills Their Dog

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Things aren’t looking great for Jenelle Evans.

The star of Teen Mom 2 is well used to controversy by now. It’s not just the reality TV nature of sensationalizing your whole life, but due to specific actions by Jenelle and her husband.

Her husband David Eason shot and killed their dog at the end of last month. The couple initially lied to authorities about the dog, but later gave the explanation that the pet had snapped at their daughter Ensley.

According to news outlets, this was the inciting incident to have Child Protective Services take Evans’s son Kaiser.

Last Friday, CPS authorized a family member to pick up the boy from daycare.

Us Weekly/Facebook


Us Weekly/Facebook


Kaiser has been at the center of a custody battle between Jenelle and the boy’s father, Nathan Griffith. Since being taken by CPS, Kaiser has been cared for by Nathan’s mother, Doris.

Jenelle has also not been able to see her oldest son, Jace, who is in her mother Barb Evans’s custody. Since the incident where David shot the dog, Barb has not allowed Jace to visit Jenelle.

David and Jenelle’s daughter Ensley is still with them. However, TMZ reports that this is due to authorities believing it may be unsafe to try and remove her from the home with David’s temper and guns.

Additionally, David’s actions caused Jenelle to be fired from Teen Mom 2.

People are wondering if she’ll end up divorcing him.

Us Weekly/Facebook


Us Weekly/Facebook


While Jenelle had initially suggested she was considering it, she has since reversed her stance, and now says she’s trying to work things out with David.

Jenelle and David have been at the center of controversy a lot over the last year. Last August, Jenelle had to defend David’s homophobic and transphobic rants.

And who could forget last summer when an episode of Teen Mom 2 showed Jenelle pulling a gun in front of her son during a road rage incident!

While some online have pointed out that Nathan isn’t the best parent in the world, it’s difficult to argue that keeping the kids with Jenelle would be worse.


Written by Ben Acosta

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