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Tourists Sent Scrambling After Huge Chunk Of Icelandic Glacier Breaks Off And Sends A Massive Wave Their Way

Over the weekend, a group of tourists in Iceland got the fright of their lives.

In some fairly dramatic video, the group sees a giant piece of a glacier break off and fall into the water. The ice falling in creates a massive wave heading right towards the group.

A sense of scale may help with context for the video.

You too might be questioning how big that wave is.

Itโ€™s not like that process would lead to a small reaction. In the video you can hear the loud crack of the ice before the shelf just completely drops off.

This is a process known as calving. While itโ€™s not an uncommon process, it is rare to get such a large one on video.

People online were quick to blame climate change.

However, climate change is not the culprit here. Or at least, less of a culprit. Glacial calving occurs when the glacier expands, melting partially because of the water and buoyant forces break the ice sheet off the rest of the glacier.

The calving is somewhat predictable, though less reliable than other natural phenomena.

Luckily the group in the above video had a mountain guide who led them to safety.

He said to ITV,

โ€œThis was an extraordinarily large calving and much closer to the shore than usual, which is why it was such a close call.โ€

And with no one injured, itโ€™s fair game for jokes.


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.